Chemical substance in vitro/in silico screening system to predict human- and ecotoxicological effects (ChemScreen)












 ChemScreen aims  to provide practical solutions within the tight framework of REACH. The focus of our project will be on the generation of a simple, rapid screening system for reproductive toxic chemicals, aiming at widespread implementation within the tight time schedule of the REACH program. It will provide be a flexible tools that can be adapted and used for applications beyond the scope of REACH and in the post-REACH period. This will include innovative prescreening tools with largely in silico methods, In addition, a novel high throughput approach to replace animal tests that are used for assessing human- and environmental reproductive toxicity of chemicals will be generated. The system will be tiered allowing waiving of further testing at all steps. Data interpretation and decision trees will be developed using a novel quantitative weight of evidence approach that uses all knowledge generated and chemicals of high concern will be rapidly prioritized for further testing. The program aims to provide an extremely cost-effective means to generate a basic set of data suitable for regulatory purposes on toxicological properties of chemicals and a decision tool to assess if further testing of chemicals is required or can be waived.

 ChemScreen aims  to provide realistic and practical solutions to assure chemical safety.